Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Making Crayons

We have many broken crayons that kids don't want to use any more.
I think they are such a waste not being used. But, I have to agree that they are no longer fun to use.
So, I thought there might be some way to change the shape. As I searched the web, I found many people posting ways to recreate crayons.

The easiest way was this one.

1. remove the wraps around the crayons.

2. Reshape the rinsed off cans so that they would have spouts.

3. Put the crayons in the can. The can will go in electric frying pan with water set just above "warm". Water will create small bubbles, but not boiling!
*This is the chocolate molds I purchased in Japan. I bought this and two others. Silicons ones are super easy! This one has star shape, heart shape, and shell shape.

4. Crayons start to melt. Stir frequently.
I let my daughters pick what crayons to go in. Well... They will all turn green... This was an experiment for her!
5. Using the oven mitt, pour the melted crayons into the molds.
6. Ta Da!! New crayons are made!

Well, this was fun. But, I think we will stick with one color at a time from next time.

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